A single plan from a single mind.
NuSpace Design-Build was conceived under the premise that design and construction are intertwined; that all things are connected. We believe all elements of a project must be in permanent dialog so that the result resembles the initial plan. We don’t aim to impose our vision on clients but to help them realize theirs.
Our clients don’t deal with architects, contractors and designers trying to leave their mark on the project to satisfy their ego. They don’t have to worry about contractors abusing Change Orders or disrespecting the schedule.
We orchestrate every project, whether it’s for commercial or residential use, by managing architecture, interior design, and construction as a whole. These disciplines are coordinated to reflect cost-effectiveness and transparency, providing a smooth and enjoyable experience from start to finish.
The greatest details are those we don’t see. Neglecting them because ‘no one will see them’ is simply mediocre.
Our process begins with you.
Taking pride in the work we do is one of our key values. Managing all aspects of a design-build project means we don’t want others dealing with issues if they arise. Our commitment to delivering the best customer experience for all our clients drives us to go above and beyond to achieve nothing but the best possible results.
Handling all services in-house expedites the completion process and opens a direct line of communication with clients so they know who to call when something isn’t right. We are accountable for any mistake. There’s no playing with Change Orders, no messing with schedules. Clients know what‘s being done at every step of the project.
It’s your story. It’s your space.
Our process begins with you.
We believe every client has a story to tell—a vision to share. We seek to build intimate relationships with clients to understand who they are. When clients grant us the privilege of learning about their desires, dreams, and ambitions, we are inspired to create the perfect environment for them to share their story.
Our homes and offices should be extensions of who we are; physical representations of our values. We take the client’s needs and sensibilities to fashion spaces where every detail reflects their soul and imprint them on all aspects of the design, from the architecture to the furniture and the finishes. Our clients enjoy the creative process, bringing designs to life by drawing from their own.

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